Wade Veterinary Services

Animal Biomechanical Medicine

Animal Biomechanical Medicine aims to restore your animal’s health through mobility. It encompasses a variety of techniques to assess and treat animals with biomechanical dysfunction.

Generally applied to dogs and horses, ABM can be applied to any animal with a spine. The major modalities are derived from chiropractic, soft tissue rehabilitation principles and osteopathy but ABM professionals are leaders in animal care and as such draw on a range of therapies that can assist in restoring health. 

Wade Veterinary Services addresses patients with:

  • health issues associated with ageing and arthritis
  • rehabilitation after accidents or surgery
  • work or sports related injuries

In addition to assessing the state of the body Dr. Wade also assesses lifestyle factors which may affect your animal’s health. These include nutrition, dentistry, podiatry (hoof care), restraint and training methods, saddle-fit, rider-effect and the animal’s interaction with humans and their environment.

Animal health is a team effort. Dr. Wade from WadeVet will refer you to other professionals when appropriate and happily work in conjunction with your usual vet, podiatrist, saddle-fitter, dentist or nutritionist.

Wade Veterinary Services covers the South West of Victoria but also has a regular run to Mansfield in the state’s North East. Animals can be treated at your home, your usual vet clinic or on one of the regular runs in the South West of Victoria and Mansfield.

Hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm. Some weekend runs are arranged depending on demand.

You can find more information about Animal Biomechanical Medicine at abmprof.com.au

You can find more information at equinebodytherapy.com.au